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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walter teaching.
Pat having a lesson for Walter.
Linda innan sin lektion med Walter Zettl.
Patrik om Humenalitys.

It has been a week with a lot of good information. Last week I did the 1 star course so this week the externs that did the 1 star joined the 2 star course. We have watched lessons with Walter Zettl, hade lessons with Linda and Patrik Handly they talked about the horsenality/ humenality rapport and diffrent approaches to diffrent personalitys very inspiering and Patrik was fun to listen to. We also hade a lesson with Pat and two with Mark (Parelli's VD) and today we ended the week with a super fun saddle demo with Tina and Letitia from Parelli saddles.
I have hade some time for horsemanship, in the lessons with Berin we have played with the 45" rope trailer loading from a longer distance, he talked about how we want the horse to seek the trailor and Buddy did a good job with that and we also did traveling circles using a lot of the 45" rope Buddy hade a good canter. I have been riding him and did 2 carrot stick riding. I went very well, he responded good to my aids. We did follow the rail walk - trot - back up transitions and started to introduce the Questionbox at the walk with 2 sticks at first. I have also figured out how to open a gate. The inpulsion is getting better, I have been more effective in my phases and I can se a big difference. The transitions is just a couple of steps and then I ask him to slow down, I really need to get to his brain and I am getting there slowly, slowly...Fun, fun

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Elisabeth said...

Fun, fun att läsa om vad du gjort sista veckan också. Du lär dig hur mycket som helst kan jag tänka. God fortsättning!