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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some notes from todays lesson.

On Line, Wednesday 16/2 . 45Foot rope lesson change of direction, I want Buddy yeild from the pressure of the rope. Could pick up all 4 feet from 1 side today without resistance. Did falling leaf in the lesson too. Have focus when you are walking, change stick hand under your rope. Disengage hindquater and then ask him to go out in a falling leaf again. Buddy did good and I tryed to hold the feel untill he found the right answer of what I was asking, and sometimes it took a while for him to find ‘the right door’. I also did more of me backing up asking him to come to me with feel in the rope, to create more draw.

Freestyle, Wednesday 16/2 Started the lesson with follow the rail. It is a good pattern now and Buddy is doing it well now. Then we changed to the clover leaf and it was important to keep the focus when 20 people was doing it at the same time. But it was fun and Buddy hade a good go. After that we did Bowtie. 2 cones at ‘track 2’ Go around the cone diseng and when the horse is facing the fence lead out in the ‘other’ direction and ask for a canter. We stated at a walk and then at trot. Buddy did not have as much go there. In the disengaging the hind quader he lost his power and it was dificult to canter of. Something to do more of and to get the pattern of it. Use follow the rail as the concistency 80% and the bowtie as the veraity 20 %.

So this was some notes from the lesson today, there are more on Parelli connect.

Today we also got to sit in and listen to the new live webinar that Linda and Pat did for the instructors. It is like the tele seminars you could listen to as a gold and silver member but now you could also see them. Fun, fun.


Rosa said...

Intressant att höra vad ni får göra :)

Ulrika said...

Tack, tack, tack Sofie. Det är så generöst av dig att dela dina erfarenheter att jag vill krama om dig och skratta och blir alldeles glad.

Sofie said...

Hej. Skoj att du tycker det. Hoppas allt e bra med er dar hemma.