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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Externship in Florida

I think I have to write in english because this computer does not have all the letters in the Swedish alfabet. I am now at the Parelli center in Florida and I am going to be here for 12 weeks. I think it is going to ba a lot of learning and experience. We are now doing tests in teory and the 4 savvy. I have a horse from the free horse training program named Buddy. He is a nice little Rocky Mountain horse. I think that we are 19 people in the externship but we do all the testing with the interns now. It;s fun to be back in the Parelli organisation. I felt a bit lost here at first, in Colorado I new my way around the place but it.s getting better. It's a great athmospher here. I don't have a computer so I don't know how much I can write here but there is a girl named Mariah that writes a lot on her blog about the externship, so it might be fun to read what she is writing:


Elisabeth said...

Tack för tipset! Jag önskar dig all lycka de kommande veckorna.

Parelli Central said...

Hi Sofie,

I'll be on the Fast Track starting Feb 14th so see you there! Have fun on your externship, looking forward to reading all about it.


~ Beth, Parelli Central

Anonymous said...

Hej! Det låter spännande med en Rocky Mountain horse. Om inte jag minns fel så kan de ha andra gångarter också, har denna det?
// Maria

Sofie said...

Nej Maria jag kan inte se att han har nagon gangart, det kanske finns dar men inget annu.
Yes Beth I will se you at the fast track.

Rosa said...

Tackar också för tipset! Lycka till!

Janine said...

Yeahhh, English!! Have fun!!!!