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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Topic: Bad Attitude...

Hittade den här frågan som rätt mycket beskriver hur jag har det med Panter ibland.

Kan ju vara bra att ha i "bakhuvudet" när man är ute och leker. :-)

I have an 8 year old Arbain gelding. All he does is nip and make mad faces. I ask him to do somthing and he is grumpy, or unhappy. He is very dominate and at other times he his worried and scared, and he is always looking everywhere but at me. How can I better get is mind on me?
We know this problem only too well! Your horse does not yet see you as his leader. Try this: get more provocative, more directive and more demanding for a little while. Boss your horse around and don't be afraid to be firm. Every time he gives you that look as you tell him to do something, go to phase 4 right away but don't get mad... think of it as a dominance GAME. If you think about it, that's what your horse is doing to you. Start acting like him but more so. Look at the speed with which he does things and match it. And if he gets scared, go to the Friendly Game. It's a balancing act: do what I say, but don't be scared. So one moment you'll be bossy and the next soft and friendly. The main thing is don't do nothing! Find a way to wipe that look off his face and it isn't by slapping him, it's by being creative with different tasks and demanding about him getting into action when you tell him to... oh, and if you bring him in and he puts his ears back, immediately drive him backwards (without moving your feet). Ears back means he is driving you and this is dominant. So! Find the bossy part of you and be nice when your horse is nice. Pretty soon he'll start to realize it's up to him to put the nice look on your face!