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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tidigare lade jag in denna text på bloggen, värt att ha i åtanke...

Från Linda Parellis blogg, att tänka på vid trailer loading.

1. It has to be the horse’s idea to cross the threshold, don’t push him over it in any way or you destroy trust and confidence.

2. Making him uncomfortable outside of the trailer only causes a horse to load into the trailer to get away from that rather than having him really want to be in the trailer. That’s why we don’t use that approach. It certainly would not be using Love, Language and Leadership!

2. “The next move is his”. So once he’s at the threshold, we WAIT until he does something – either moves forwards or wants to come out again. And if he stays there too long, we bring him out and simply ask him to reapproach.

3. Never push him forwards once he’s stopped, you can only encourage his thoughts otherwise you are forcing the horse. The bottom line is that the horse has to be able to TRUST that you won’t push him “over the cliff”, that you will allow it to be his decision to go there. When you can do that, your horse will try his heart out for you. He will trust you and feel safe with you, and the effects will be felt in everything else you do with him too. Anyone can force a horse to get in, the real art is in helping him to develop the confidence to load himself. Such fun, I love this stuff.

4. It really, TRULY, is NOT ABOUT THE TRAILER! It’s all about the trust your horse has for you as his leader.

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