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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Q & A från Gold Summiten.

Lite anteckningar från Gold Summiten: (Obs Min tolkning)

For Success:

Put the relationship first

Foundation before speciation
(nej det lät fel, ska det va specilasition, nä det lät me fel, ja ja man ska vara noga med grunarbetet innan specialiserar sig på någon gren :-)

Never ending selfe improvement

How can we change the world for horses?
And where do we want to see theese changes, we know Parelli can but how can WE?

Q & A With Linda.

Q: How does she motivate Remmer as a LBI when she is riding for Walter?

A: She get him mentaly involved through a lot of transitions and changing something all the time so he doesn´t get bored. Walter is really good at reading the horsenality, Introverts = more change, transitions.

Extroverts = Letting them go, dont hold them back.

Q: Displaced behavior, Grinding teeth. When do you interrupt the behavior and when do you wait?

A: You learn to se what happends before what happen happends. And you learn to se the signs befor so you don´t let them go there.

Q: Left brain extrovert going Right brain extrovert, is it fear or is he having a tantrum (utbrott av ilska) ? Se his eyes, is it fear? In a left brain it´s often more a fight than fear, fights you, playing dominance games with you and if he doesn´t get his way explodes.

A: Go with the suggestion, don´t get in to a fight over the smalest things. Blow his mind away by doing the unexpected.

Q: I ridningen vid galoppfattning och hästen börjar bocka var gång...

A: Om det är LB, Låt inte honom göra det, förbered galopp och ändra dig i sista stund, oh no we are doing something else, I changed my mind... Annars kan det lätt bli ett inlärt beteende att hästen tar för vanan att sparka så fort du ber om en galopp.

Q: What can I do when he´s less confident riding than online?

A: Build confidence on long lines, 45 foot, let him be far away from you. Use the touch it game, build his confidence, let him go infront of you in new areas. Look at your selfe, Am I a confident rider?

Vi tittade på bilder där Martin Wimmer red finess för Linda. Han red en häst med displaced behavior, var gång den gick emot bettet och fick kontakt så stack den ut tungan.

Q: What to do in this situation?

A: Don´t release, hold the reins and wait when he does the displaced behavior, let the horse find the way out, go forward when he find the way forward let go and let him know he was right. Keep the horse balanced thrugh transitions, don´t do anything with your hands. Transitions helps the horse find the power from behind and don´t lean on the front.

Q: How can I be provocative with my right brain introvert?

A:Wait until they ask a question, know how to get them to ask a question. It can take a really long time.

Q: I have a Left brain extrovert that really puts his ears back at feeding time, I back off and wait but nothing happens?

A: He´s just dominating you, -look how I can get my human to move forward and backwards :-) Linda told the story about Sophie :-) the LBextr that Michael G once hade at the Parelli center, she always hade her ears back when he went to get her in the pasture and he askt Linda what to do, Linda walked to the pasture saw Sophie put her ears back, so Linda started to run to the pasture, throwed the halter over the fence and then jumped over the fence, this really changed the look on Sophies face. Then they went to the playpen and the ears went back again so Linda asked the people out side the playpen to start throwing cones and balls in to the pen, then she asked Sophie to go out and circle her and the horse really hade to look were she was going. And that made her look at Linda with her ears forwad So..... You can´t be quiet and predictable with a left brain extrovert, you has to be intressting for the horse and do things different every day if they get bored.


Elisabeth said...

Så intressant alltihop!
Det där med Left brain extrovert going Right brain extrovert låter ungefär som med tonåringar :) säger jag som just nu har att göra med sådana, både LB och RB sorter :)

Ni fick ut en hel del av den där Summiten och nu får vi det också. Tack för det .

Ulrika said...

Thank for sharing ;D

eller tack för att du delar.


Sofie said...

Ja Elisabeth det var precis så Linda beskrev det, som en tonåring som blir helt hysteriskt arg :-)

Marion Princic said...

Oj vad duktig du är Sofie! Nästa gang maste jag ocksa ta anteckningar!

Eva said...

Sörmland instämmer med Norrland och Skåne: tusen tack för att du delar med dig!!