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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Notes from Martin Wimmer course June 2009.

Martin Wimmer course last year (2008)
Martin Wimmer course 2008
Martin Wimmer course 2008

Får väl försöka få ner lite av det jag skrev under Martin Wimmer kursen i Juni i år.

Have a plan for the future and for what you are going to do with your horse today.
* Ha ett mål, vet vad du vill uppnå och vad du siktar åt: Online, Liberty, Freestyle, Finess.
* Ha en plan, när du kommer till en ny häst eller är ute med din egen. Läs av och analysera innan du gör något. Vad är det för häst? Vad är förutsättningarna?
*Var mentalt förberedd på vad du ska göra.
Och samtidigt...

* Don´t prepare to long, start making progress... (Bli inte fast i level 1 eller 2.)
*När du vill ändra något eller lära något nytt, do it as a pattern, 7 times.
*Safety: How can I give my horse the safeyt he needs?
*Don´t be a direct line thinker. BUT... om jag vet att hästen tex är ok med lastningen kan jag be honom gå på med en gång, men va beredd på att ändra min plan om det inte skulle passa honom just den dagen.
* Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want, tell the horse clear and don´t be afraid or hesitate.

* Tell him what you like and don´t like.
*Know what you can expect from him and know if it was to much to ask and if so go one step back.

*The leader always knows what to do.
*If he is eating, he´s not right brain e.x in trailer loading. He might be unconfident but if he stops don´t want to go in and starts to eat instead he is not Right brain.
Does he respect you? Is he your patner? Does he try when you ask him?

*Does he answer on phase 1-2?
*Can I move him slower / faster without him getting lazy or upset? And can he keep a mental connection to me?

*Can I ask the horse out of his comfortzone?
*If I ask with more energy, does he respond?
*I have to know what I´m asking for, how is the energy level in my body?
*Use a slow phase 1 and quick 2-3-4.
*Phase 1 should contain everything you ask him to do.
* You can´t expect change if you don´t ask him right.

*Don´t accept mediocre results, Is he trying? Am I clear in what I´m asking him to do?

*Is he putting some effort in?
*Ask him to put some effort in it...

Expect a lot

Accept a little

Reward often

Don´t stop until he does what you´r asking him to do. Be persistent in the proper position.

*Look more, do less, observe- what do I have to fix?

Long reins:
Drive zon 5 with 22 foot line or 45 foot line. Walk, trott backup.
Start in zone 1 and move slowly back zone by zone. Start with 22 foot line on one side, put it over his back. 22" line is a little to short it´s better to have 2 x 22" or 45" . I think this is really difficult to do and we haven´t done it so much so I´m not really sure of how to do it.
Porqupine: Don´t always play online with slack in the rope. It´s good to be able to have slack but by using connection you´ll improve the porqupine game.
When I build fysical connection with my body I want to use connection to the horse through the rope or through my body.

Porqupine exercise: Online - move different zones, use phases and don´t loose the contact. Stop= rub and keep contact until he stops. If he don´t stop rub and keep contact until he does.

Lead by: Ear, tail, chin. lip, mane.

Ohh my... I think that´s all for today :-)


Blenda Elby said...

Thanks for posting! BLir alldeles engelsktalande så här på kvällningen =)

Sofie said...

Det blir ju lätt så när det gäller Parelli :-) Mina anteckningar blir ofta på swengelska :-)

Anonymous said...

Blir lika för, höll på och förklarade horsenalities för en i stallet i går - det var svårt att hålla sig till svenska =D


Anonymous said...

Blir lika för mej, var det meningen att det skulle stå


Sofie said...

Känner igen det ja :-)